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An interview with two of Hollywood’s top celebrity stylists

In the glamorous and ever-evolving world of fashion, the Hollywood celebrity stylist plays a pivotal role in shaping the public personas of the entertainment industry’s brightest stars. Behind every impeccably dressed celebrity on the red carpet, there are creative minds curating those iconic looks with a meticulous eye for detail. In this exclusive interview, we sit down with two renowned celebrity stylists Vanessa Shokrian and Laurence Goldberg, who share their journeys into the world of celebrity styling, their personal style philosophies, and the secrets behind maintaining a timeless wardrobe. 

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From their favorite designers to the essential pieces they recommend for every closet, these stylists give us a peek into the artistry of dressing Hollywood’s elite. Join us as they divulge the trends they love, the brands that excite them, and the wardrobe staples they swear by, providing valuable insights for anyone looking to enhance their personal style.

How did you become celebrity stylists? What do you like about it?

V: I do personal styling for a lot of people who work behind the scenes in Hollywood, such as agents, producers, directors and writers. I love working with these people because they have a real need to look polished and chic, but don’t have the time to put things together in a well-thought manner. They are creative and have important jobs and I like being part of the process that makes them feel confident when they go to work, events or sit on panels. I work with anyone who needs help figuring out their wardrobe, putting looks together that make them feel more confident, to take the stress out of getting dressed everyday.

L: I first got into celebrity dressing when I moved to LA from NY. I used to be a fashion publicist and worked essentially with the media. There weren’t any such jobs in LA, and most of the people I knew here were stylists. I started assisting a few stylists I knew and learned the ropes from them.

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What’s in your closet? What are your 5 favorite personal items and why do you love them? Special fit considerations, tips, or other expert intel for our audience is helpful!

V: I’m a minimalist and do not have a ton of clothes. I’m careful about my wardrobe purchases so I really only have things I love and wear a lot. Most of my pieces are pretty classic. I stay away from fast trends. My 5 favorite items are (1) a Nili Lotan blue oversized shirt, (2) Frankie Shop white oversized shirt, (3) The Row navy oversized sweater, (4) Maria McManus white cargo pants, and (5) Chanel black platform sandals.

I love the oversized shirts because they look great with practically everything. I wear them so much. I wear them with jeans, shorts, trousers…I can dress them up or down. I like the oversized fit because I can wear them solo or open over a tank or tee. It’s fun to layer them. My sweater from The Row has been worn so many times, I feel like I really got every dollar worth that I spent on it. They make such beautiful knits. When I put it on, I am warm and cozy and I feel like I look good. It feels effortlessly chic. It is also one of those pieces that can be worn with jeans or leather pants, dressed up or down. I love versatility in clothes. I love the Maria McManus white cargo pants for summer. She makes a really great fit for pants. They are fresh and cool for summer. And my Chanel platforms are fun. They make any outfit a little more fun and fashionable. You can’t go wrong with Chanel shoes.

L: Dries Van Noten skirts are some of my favorites, they are stylish but not overly fancy that i can’t wear them everyday. They are unique in their design and print yet very easy to wear, dress up or down. I also own a lot of button down shirts, and I love those for their versatility and how they balance feminine and masculine looks. 

Tell us your 5 favorite brands or designers. What makes them great? Special fit considerations, tips, or other expert intel for our audience is helpful!

V: My 5 favorite designers available on italist are:

1. Wardrobe.NYC 

2. The Row (read more about the brand)

3. Acne Studios

4. Oliver Peoples

5. Stella McCartney 

These brands are great because they make quality items and they make things that you will have in your closet for years to come. Wardrobe.NYC makes such good sweats, blazers, all the staples that you wear from morning to night, for all occasions. The Row makes the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I want everything they make! But most of all I love their accessories. Their handbags and shoes are my favorite. Acne has always had a special place in my heart. They make great jeans and coats. My favorite blazer and jeans are Acne. Oliver Peoples makes the best sunglasses and eye frames, hands down. Better than anyone. Such beautiful classic styles and great quality. Stella McCartney makes beautiful tailored suits and dresses. I have loved her collections for years, consistently.

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L: My 5 favorite brands are:

1. Dries Van Noten

2. Prada

3. Proenza Schouler

4. Co.

5. Jil Sander (read more about the brand)

All of these brands are easy to wear and that is my first criteria. I need my clothes to not only look good but they need to look good on me, on my body type and to feel good as well. It’s one thing to love a certain piece of clothing, but it’s another to love it on. I think a lot of people make the mistake of buying clothes they love, but in the end don’t wear because they don’t like how they fit or feel. 

Which 5 brands do you consider to be rising stars in fashion? Why do you like them?


1. Matteau

2. Totême

3. Cult Gaia

4. Magda Butrym (read more about the brand)

5. Le Monde Beryl (read more about the brand)

These are all brands that were created within the last 10 years. They have done really well and continue to rise. I like them because they are either classic or just fun. They make things that I want to wear.

What’s on your personal wishlist for the rest of 2024?

V: I really want a suit from Totême or Stella McCartney. I love a good suit.

L: Let’s see what hits stores this fall! But I always look out for my favorite brands. At this stage, I have most of what I need for any special event, so I only buy pieces that I will wear day in and out, pieces that I can reach to in my closet when I just don’t know what to wear. 

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Without naming names, what sorts of things are in your most stylish clients’ closets? One for men and one for women would be great.

V: One of my female clients has some beautiful knit outfits from Gabriela Hearst. They are truly luxurious pieces. And one of my male clients just bought some great Maison Margiela sneakers. I love their sneakers for men. They are great with a cool suit.

L: Aspesi is a big favorite for men, and there is no one favorite for women, we just love to mix brands from Celine to Rick Owens.

Do you have go-to brands for certain occasions or seasons, e.g. for swimwear, for warm weather, for formal menswear, etc.? Special fit considerations, tips, or other expert intel for our audience is helpful!

V: The Row makes great summer sandals and knitwear for winter. Matteau makes beautiful swimwear and dresses for summer.

Are there any staples you swear by for your clients? Certain brands, certain models or styles, things that are universally flattering?

V: There are a few things everyone should have in their closet. Pieces that are flattering to your fit that you can always mix and match and dress up or down. 

1. Jeans

2. A Blazer

3. A good white t-shirt

4. A white button up shirt for both men and women

5. Black or Navy suit for men

I’m loving Citizens of Humanity for women’s jeans. I love Acne for blazers for men and women.

L: We always make sure to have the great basics, black and white silk shells, white button down cotton shirts, a black crewneck cashmere sweater, a gray merino tee-shirt, a black pencil skirt… I could go one but there are about 20 items that I consider must have foundational pieces. 

Thanks again to celebrity stylists Vanessa and Laurence for their assistance with this article!

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