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65 Best Summer Hats For Women 2024

Last Updated on June 4, 2024 by Eve Dawes

The best summer hats for women 2024 from my Summer sun hat haul. Large women’s summer hats, beach hats and sun hats are always in fashion but ordering online can be a tough one. Different face shapes, head sizes, etc than the model all change how it looks. I love big, floppy women’s summer hats for sun protection and style but it’s really hard to tell what a sun hat’s going to look like on without trying it on. They always look great on the models, but in real life what you think is going to be a stylish sun hat often ends up being a total miss! Here are my top picks for the best classic to fashionable sun hats that cover all of the summer hat trends for 2024. Including straw sun hats, visors, styles with a UPF rating for sun protection, beach hats and packable sun hats for women from designer to under $30.

This best women’s summer hats 2024 post contains affiliate links.

Stylish sun hats for women

The straw sun hats for women in the video hat haul range from boaters to wide brim sun hats and packable sun hats from women. I tend to replace my beach hat every year so normally go for more affordable styles. If they’ve sold out I’ve linked the closest styles I could find.

I’ve also rounded up the newest styles from designer sun hats like Gucci bucket hats and classic elegant hats from Eric Javits, to logo forward styles like the Dior logo mirrored sun visor. As well as lots of value finds like the ASOS cream straw sun hat on sale for $6 (was $26) and packable hats.

ASOS and Revolve are both great to order from. Not only because they are always updating their collections with more fashionable sun hats. They also both have great shipping and return policies so that you can actually try them on and see what they look like.

best large floppy sun hat womensbest large floppy sun hat womens
Womens beach hat | Photo REVOLVE

A raffia large sun hat is a classic style that you can wear year after year. If you’re looking for a more on trend stylish summer sun hat, go for a bucket hat. Revolve and ASOS have some of the best collections of so many different styles to find your perfect hat from.

seven stars resort turks caico review glamour gains grace bay ocean large summer hatseven stars resort turks caico review glamour gains grace bay ocean large summer hat
Beach hat: Foldable large packable sun hat

Why sun hats for women are a summer essential

Besides the obvious sun protection factor. I’ve already started my summer hat shopping as I wanted to get this up as some of you are headed on Winter sun escapes and looking for a good sun hat. It also heats up here in Vegas really quickly and it’s a way to cover my roots and keep my face out of the sun.

I love the heat and Summer but try to keep my face out of the sun as much as possible with shade, SPF and a large beach hat. Living in Portugal and the Caribbean from age 19-28 took it’s toll on my skin so I’m a lot more cautious now and slather on that SPF and seek the shade.

Best Sun Hats 2024 | Summer hats for women haul

I love big, floppy Summer sun hats. They can look super chic and stylish but can also be total misses. That’s why I like doing fashion and try on hauls so that I can try them all on in person and find the best women’s Summer hats. This was one of my most popular YT videos so here’s the updated version for 2024 right now.

In this summer hat haul, how to style and shopping tips video I’m answering:

  • What are the best summer hat styles for women.
  • What’s the best packable sun hat.
  • What’s the best UPF sun protection hat.
  • What are the most stylish beach hats.
  • What hat styles are in fashion this summer.
  • Packing tips for hats.
  • When to splurge and when to save on summer hats.

Women’s summer hat haul

I finally found and summer boater hat that looked good. It’s one of those summer hats for women that’s great for fashion and city breaks. It can just take trying on a few styles to find one that fits your head and face shape.

What’s great about large summer hats is that besides being in fashion they also offer some sun protection.

Shop the summer sun hat haul for women video

These are all of the sun hats for women featured in the video:

  • The perfect beach hat: Amazon oversize XL floppy packable sun hat.
  • Classic floppy straw sun hat for women (similar). Straw hats always feels really beachy and vacation like to me and I love girly ribbon details but I also love other less vacation-like styles for everyday.
  • Packable sun hat for women with UPF sun protection: Amazon UPF 50 sun hat (wider brim)
  • Small packable sun protection hat: Amazon UPF 50 summer hat (narrower brim).
  • Fedora (similar style).
  • Black baseball cap.
  • Classic women’s summer hat: White summer boater hat.
cute sun hat womens straw floppy hatcute sun hat womens straw floppy hat

Shop the best sun hats | Women’s summer hats 2024

The best sun hats come down to what you’re looking for in a hat. If you’re headed to the beach for a long time you probably want a wide-brimmed hat with good UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) made from breathable fabrics.

If you’re doing water sports or outdoor activities, besides UV protection for maximum sun protection you’ll probably want something either with an adjustable band or chin strap for the perfect fit so that it doesn’t go flying!

For a city break you’re probably wanting a smaller more fashionable sun hat. I have all of you covered!

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These are my top picks for women’s sun hats for 2024. From packable styles to SPF protection, designer to best for value, here’s what made the list:

I’ll try and keep replacing sold out these straw sun hats for women with similar versions as they’re one of the more affordable summer accessories that always seem to sell out fast.

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Some of the more fashionable sun hat trends for 2024 include:

  • Bucket hats (yes they’re still in style for 2024).
  • Structured straw hats. Think Rancher & Panama hats.
  • Fedoras.
  • Raffia boater hats crochet hats.
  • XL brim hats
  • Straw sun visors.

How to find a sun hat that fits

If you normally have trouble finding a hat that fits, the best option is to look for a hat that comes in different sizes like a lot of the ones above. Measure your head and then look at the sizing chart for the one that matches your head circumference the best. Other details like an adjustable chin strap, cord or brim, etc also help to get the perfect fit.

What I’m wearing this Summer

Sun hats seem to be back in fashion in a big way and I’m really into the big floppy hats with bows but I also like the smaller boater style hat as the girls I’ve been seeing wearing them always look so stylish and they’re such a fashion statement piece. Plus they’re easier to pack for city breaks.

I finally found a couple I truly love in this Summer sun hat haul for women and hopefully you will too from this selection of the best sun hats. I have a few sun hats for different reasons.

One that’s smaller with great structure and shape for walking around. The ridiculously oversized hat pictured above for beach and pool days. As the extra wide-brim hat gives so much sun protection and the best part is that it also folds up easily to pack, fit in your beach bag or store. Plus it’s good for beach photos when you don’t have any makeup on. It’s one of my favorite hats for long sunny days, as long as it’s not windy!

I also have a white and pearl rancher hat with a smaller brim for dressier summer outfits, lunches, etc and a tan rancher hat for going from Summer into Fall.

As well as a baseball cap as it’s so easy to toss in a bag without worrying about damaging it or taking up too much room. They also tend to stay on better than big floppy hats on windy days or for water activities.

There are so many options when it comes to womens summer hats. It’s really about finding a style that works for your personal style, face shape and what you’re wearing it for.


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