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Katie Sturino – The Mega Babe Who Oprah Loves and Who Wants You to Wear Your Bikini With Pride!

My guest this week is the perfect woman to listen to if you’re already getting stressed at the thought of wearing a bikini this summer.
Katie Sturino is a body acceptance advocate, founder of the amazing brand Megababe (they do the best anti-chafe stick in the business) and author of the brilliant book “Body Talk”.
During the episode we talk about the moment that Katie realised that it wasn’t just her who was unhappy about her body but also a lot of the women who had the bodies that she dreamt. In short, women had been taught to feel unfulfilled with their bodies and THAT was the problem. Cue a shift in mentality and the beginning of Katie’s journey as a body acceptance ambassador who has been so influential that Oprah invited her on her show to relay her message to the nation.
Katie also talks about how to stop people commenting on your weight, how to feel good about yourself and we also talk about how she has made the most amazing business (and the ups and downs of that).
Katie is funny, outspoken, irreverent and will make you feel good about yourself. I adore her and am so excited about this episode.

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